Verlander not scheduled to start game 5* (*if necessary)

There’s nothing more to my headline, and I ask this question because I looked at the pitching match-ups for the next two games for the Yankees vs. Tigers and I’m puzzled at Game 5. Today’s match-up has big score written all over it as AJ Burnett takes on Rick Porcello in what could be the clinching game for the Tigers. The Tigers can easily hang with the Yankees in a slug fest, so it should be a fun game. While it would be nice for the Tigers and a large group of my friends for the Tigers to win today, I do not like to be wrong. What’s more puzzling is sending Fister back out if it goes to a game 5 and not Verlander. Fister did not perform well lasting only 4.2 innings and letting up six runs. You would put such a pivotal game in his hands? I certainly hope not, if it even comes to that. I hope Jim Leyland isn’t saving Verlander for game one of the ALCS. Does that sound familiar to anyone?

The good news for Tigers’ fans is that in Porcello’s one outing against New York this year, he won that game allowing only two runs over seven innings, while Burnett posted a 3.75 era against the Tigers this year in two outings going 1-1. Both pitchers faired well against each team, but that was back in April and May, before either of these offenses really got going. Still this is a pretty even match-up that looks to see a lot of offense tonight in Detroit Rock City! Will the Tigers end it tonight, I certainly hope so for Tigers’ fans because a Game 5 in Yankee Stadium spells certain doom. This one’s for Smitty, Vit, and Knopic… GO TIGERS!!!