Not only is October 14th the day Chicago Cubs defeated the Detroit Tigers 2-0 in Game 5 of the 1908 World Series to take their last title for the next century or so, but it’s also the date of the infamous and well-documented Bartman game.  Could it also become the day Theo Epstein officially becomes their latest GM or “President” or “Czar” or whatever title they decide to bestow upon him?  It’s hard to say for sure—nothing is easy for the beleaguered franchise—but I think it will happen today.

Following this process has been like dying of thirst. At this point, the Cubs and Epstein have a deal in place, but since he is still under contract for one more year MLB has demanded the Red Sox be compensated. Reports coming out of Boston yesterday said negotiations were at an impasse as the Cubs were only offering cash while the Red Sox are demanding players, most likely minor league prospects.

However, today’s latest reports say Ricketts has budged and sent a list of prospects he’s willing to deal to his emissary, assistant GM Randy Bush. The quality of those prospects could be tied to the number of front office staffers that are allowed to come with Epstein to Chicago.

Essentially, the two teams are dotting the i’s and crossing the t’s on a deal that could be announced any minute now. Stay tuned…