Mr. Clean given Sandberg type explanation.

Theo Epstein and Jed Hoyer hired another member that has ties to the Red Sox organization, Dale Sveum, the new Cubs’ skipper. Sveum was with Epstein and Hoyer as a third base coach for the Red Sox in 2004-2005 before leaving to take over as the Brewer’s bench coach where he was passed over twice for the manager’s position in Milwaukee.

Speaking of past over, the Cubs passed on Mr. Clean who was still under contract with Proctor and Gamble, but has managed the Proctor and Gamble softball team for last decade. They recently won their second straight championship, but Mr. Clean was not very happy about being passed over for the Cubs managerial position based on some other recent managerial hirings by the White Sox and Cardinals.

“Listen, if the White Sox can hire a Soccer Dad as their manager [Robin Ventura], and the Cardinals can hire a Little League video instructor [Mike Matheny] as their manager I should have a had a shot,” adding, ” I certainly have more managerial experience then those two guys.”

Epstein’s comments were to the point when asked about Mr. Clean, “if Clean continues to show progress with the Proctor and Gamble team and the Sveum signing doesn’t work out we might give him a shot in a few years. That’s all I have to say on the matter.”

When Mr. Clean heard Epstein’s remarks he had this to say, “sounds like I’ve been Sandberged.”

Only time will tell if Mr. Clean will get his shot, for now Dale Sveum will lead the resurgence of the Cubs’ organization on the field.