We’re adding coverage of the San Francisco Giants to Major League Assholes. Why? Because I’ve been following the Giants since I was nine years old, mostly through the newspaper and asking my Dad how the Giants did. The reason I even started following the Giants was because I was on the Giants little league team when I was a kid, year after year. I liked the logo and took an interest in the team. Obviously, the White Sox are my first and foremost team, but since the inception of MLB Extra Innings I’ve been able to watch the Giants on a regular basis, and I thoroughly enjoy the play-by-play from Mike Krukow and Duane Kupier.

If someone had told me that the one win the San Francisco Giants would have was because of a complete game by Barry Zito, I would have told them to ease off the booze. The Giants have dug themselves an early hole with subpar outings from Tim Lincecum, Madison Bumgarner, and Matt Cain. Cain was handed a six-run lead that he couldn’t hold onto, nor could the bullpen for that matter.

Bruce Bochy went through pitchers in the seventh faster then it took Ozzie Guillen to offend the Marlins fan base.

To make matters worse, the Arizona Diamondbacks moved to 4-0 last night with a win over the Padres, but we’re only four games into the season; no need panic, right?

Right! The Giants are a ball club built to make it back to the World Series, they have enough offense to support their stellar pitching staff despite the results of the first three games of the season.

The best news for the Giants is they should be back at even when they get done playing the lowly Colorado Rockies on Thursday. The Rockies look lost in every aspect of the game. While I enjoyed the fact that Zito pitched a complete game shut out, I’m not declaring him a Cy Young candidate. I doubt he will continue to pitch like that consistently, but he’s the Giants fourth starter.

There are lots of positive signs from the offense with Melky Cabrera and Pablo Sandoval contributing and Buster Posey looks to be completely healthy. I’m not sold on Brandon Crawford at short, especially with the error the other night in Arizona. Hopefully, he steps up his game, and the Giants can use Colorado to get on a nice roll.

I’m still sticking with my pre-season prediction of the Giants over the Tigers in the World Series; of course, the Tigers at 4-0 look very World Series bound.