What a week in baseball or should I say the weekend in baseball. The biggest news is Phil Humber’s perfect game for the White Sox, the 21st in MLB history. For me a close second is the Sox are only 1/2 game behind the Tigers for the AL Central lead, although they did get some help from a bad call in the 10th inning that went in the Rangers’ favor. Still, the Sox swept Seattle.

Saturday was a crazy day for sports as a whole, as the Giants added to the madness by tying the Mets in the ninth with a two-out routine pop-up that turned into a two-run double as it fell between three Mets’ players. Unfortunately, a questionable slide took Posey’s left ankle out and caused an errant throw that headed up the first baseline allowing the winning run to score.

Minutes later the Sox game began and history was made, phew!

White Sox Recap      Grade: B

Looks more and more like Jim Leyland was correct in his assessment of the White Sox last week. It was a strange week for the Sox fans watching them drop three of four to the Orioles at home before sweeping the Mariners this weekend that included Humber’s perfect game moving them within a 1/2 game of first place. Both the Tigers and Sox should probably both get an “A” compared to where they were at this time last season, the Tigers had just reached .500 and the Sox were four games under. A much improved start to 2012 for both teams, but Sox had trouble at home against the Orioles that’s unforgivable. The biggest issue was game one of the series where the bullpen allowed 9 runs from the 8th – 10th preventing Humber from his first win of the season. Maybe, after watching that Humber decided he needed to go the distant to preserve a win, so he decided to throw a perfect game.

The other issues with the Sox are the usual slow starts of Gavin Floyd and John Danks. Floyd worked hard to allow only five runs in his performance in Thursday’s game and Danks survived Seattle to escape with the win yesterday. It’s time for these guys to step-up and perform like they are capable of performing.

It is good to type that Jake Peavy seems to be back and is pitching like the ace of the staff, he takes a 2-0 record with a 2.75 ERA into tonight’s game against the Oakland A’s.

There are lots of good things happening offensively for the White Sox, AJ Pierzynski is number 4 on the RBI list in the AL (tied with three players), while Dunn is right behind him at #7 (tied with three players). I guess the production problems from left-handed hitters exited the White Sox organization with Ozzie Guillen.

Three thru six are producing for the Sox, which had to happen for them to have success this season, Dunn has 13 RBIs, 6 doubles, and 3 homers with a .246 avg; Konerko has 11 RBIs, 6 doubles and 3 homers with a .362 avg; Pierzynski has 14 RBIs and 4 homers with a .348 avg; and Rios has 7 RBIs, 3 doubles, and homer with a .333 avg. Pretty good production from the heart of the order.

It’s the Sox and Tigers for the division if things continue like this, let’s go SOX!

Jake Peavy(2-0) takes on the surprising Bartolo Colon(3-0) tonight in Oakland at 9:05 pm CST.

Giants Recap                        Grade: B

Well, the week started off with a dud as Tim Lincecum versus Roy Halladay had more offense than anyone anticipated. Lincecum struggled to get through six innings even though he looked good at times. Hopefully this was the tune-up start before he returns to form.

The incredible game was Matt Cain against Cliff Lee, as Cain went 9 innings and Lee went 10 before the Giants won 1-0 in the 11th inning. Cain was almost as brilliant as he was in his one-hitter the prior weekend, allowing only two hits and one walk over the nine innings. Cain has made a total rebound from his debut outing allowing no runs over his last 18 innings pitched. The pitching staff has looked solid again, except for Lincecum who has a chance to redeem himself today against the Mets in a scheduled doubleheader. This is a classic doubleheader when the second game will begin about 1/2 hour after game one ends. Do you get to drink the whole time?

The Giants offense continued to score at least four runs in three of their five games this week, the two games they didn’t were against Halladay and Lee, so that’s excusable. The Giants went 3-2 during the rain shorten week, not bad. Things are pointing in the right direction.

The Freak(0-2) vs. Miguel Batista(0-0) this afternoon at Citi Field at 3:10 pm CST.