ImageThe Giants are starting to look like the team I thought they were at the start of the season, especially with the welcomed return of the real Tim Lincecum this past week. “The Freak” looked impressive in Saturday pitching eight innings of three hit ball with five strikeouts and no earned runs. He did have some control problems early that lead to four walks, but he settled in nicely. Before I start popping the champagne bottles I do realize that it’s the San Diego Padres, a team with a sporadic offense at best. Still, with the way Lincecum started the year he would not have been able to beat the Padres if things did not improve.

Madison Bumgarner handled the Padres quite easily yesterday allowing one run over 7-2/3 innings with six strikeouts, six hits, a walk and a run. At the moment, it looks like Santiago Casilla has taken over the closer duties for the Giants in the absence of Brian Wilson. Casilla has successfully completed his four save opportunities, which is another good sign for the Giants.

Under the weird baseball moments, Aubrey Huff suffered a nervous breakdown last week and has not played since. This allowed Buster Posey to play first on Sunday, a day he would have normally had off. Even though Huff has been placed on the 15-day DL, there is no timetable for his return. While a lot of people equate money with happiness, there’s no reason to be unsympathetic towards Huff because he’s making $11 million this year. I look at this way, mo’ money mo’ problems, right?

No one really know what’s happening in his personal life, so to call into a sports radio program and say things like, “what’s he got to worry about, he’s making $11 million a year,” is purely idiotic.

When the Giants return to play on Tuesday Matt Cain will be on the hill against Miami Marlins’ pitcher, Ricky Nolasco.