Sometimes all a player needs is a little vote of confidence from a fan, and that may have been the case for Gavin Floyd, who pitched brilliantly on Sunday afternoon after I had brief conversation with him on Saturday. I’m not taking full credit for his performance because he has great stuff; he just loses his concentration at times and it leads to big innings.

So, I’m shopping at Target on Saturday with my family and I make eye contact with this rather large gentleman who looks very familiar to me. I’m wearing a Sox cap, so he probably realizes what’s about to happen. I say to my wife excited like a giddy schoolgirl, “holy shit, that’s Gavin Floyd,” I did qualify it with White Sox pitcher, so I didn’t get that blank look.

“Go say something to him,” she replied. At first, I wasn’t going to because I didn’t want to bother him, but I said “to hell with it.”

“Sorry to bother you, I just want to shake your hand I’m a big fan.” Floyd smiled and wiped his hand off on his pants after grabbing some frozen food out of the freezer to shake my hand.

“Oh wow, thanks, I appreciate it,” he said still smiling while shaking my hand. My hand looked like my sons hand in mine while shaking his. Big hands I know you’re the one.

“Good luck on Sunday. I have you on my fantasy team, so do a good job for me,” I said with a smile while giving him a manly pat on the back. He laughed and nodded.

Floyd took that conversation with him to the mound and pitched a no-hitter into the 7th inning before giving way to the bullpen after getting into a little trouble and allowing one run.

The White Sox offense was a refreshing site on Sunday in contrast to Saturday when they stranded eight runners in route to a 1-0 loss behind a complete game from Jake Peavy. The White Sox definitely pitched well enough to win the last two games; unfortunately they did not hit well enough and only took one.

Adam Dunn crushed a ball in the first to give the White Sox a 3-0 lead over the Red Sox, which was all they would need. That was Dunn’s first homerun at US Cellular Field this year and fifth overall. Dunn’s numbers are a big improvement over last year’s at this point. In 2011, he was hitting .171 with three homers, two doubles, and 12 RBIs. Dunn is currently hitting .231 with five homers, seven doubles, and 16 RBIs. The 60 points and increased power numbers are a welcomed sign.

The Sox ended April with a win and are only a game behind the Indians in the AL Central and are tied with the Tigers. The Sox did not get their 11th win until game 30 in 2011, which puts them on a much better pace than last season.

Looks like the weather will be summer-like for the upcoming Indians series, which usually leads to an increase in homers from the White Sox, let’s hope that holds true this season.