Maybe blowing up some disco records can get the team back on track.

A good April has been replaced by a terrible start to May for the White Sox. The Sox are 2-6, and have become the great tease of 2012. In all of their losses in May except for one they have had they tying or go ahead run at the plate in the ninth giving Sox fans a reason to keep watching. The thing that’s most annoying about this start to May is Cubs’ fans have begun chirping, which is the most annoying sound in the world.

Before we get to far ahead of ourselves I never said the Sox were going to win anything in my preseason predictions, and when I used the 16-game prediction formula I pointed out its only correct 50% of the time. That being said can the Sox still surprise everyone this season? Sure the number of what-ifs that have answered on the positive side seem to point in the right direction. And let’s be honest, this Cleveland team will get on a bad run and be done by June.

If it should come down to the Sox and Tigers you could not ask for two teams more evenly matched at this point in the season. When you look at team numbers it’s kind of crazy:

Homeruns: Sox -31, Tigers – 29
Runs: Tigers – 117, Sox – 116
RBI: Sox – 112, Tigers – 106

Those are a few key categories where the teams are close to even, but overall in the pitching department the Sox are dominant, even though you’d never know by their record:

WHIP: Sox – 1.16, Tigers – 1.33
K’s: Sox – 233, Tigers – 219
ERA: Sox – 3.72, Tigers – 3.96
Opponent’s BA: Sox – .226, Tigers – .262
Hits allowed: Sox – 228, Tigers – 253

It’s kind of hard to believe that the Sox are four games under .500 right now, but that’s the case, as they are having a hard time getting everything to click at the same time. The Sox score six runs and their pitching lets up eight, pitching lets up a run and the Sox strand eight runners. It’s just a bad funk that teams go through from time to time, and the Sox are in one now.

One of their biggest issues takes the mound tonight against the Indians, John Danks their number one starter with a 6.51 ERA. I don’t need to state that Danks has been underwhelming so far this season and tonight would be a good time for him to get back on track. I have not been lucky enough to run into Danks to give him a pep talk like I did Gavin Floyd. Floyd, who has allowed three runs over two starts since we had our friendly exchange at Target.

All of these numbers mean nothing if you can’t find a way to win games, and that’s what the Sox need to figure out this week. Statistically they can be better than the Tigers, but if they have more losses it doesn’t really matter. Just ask the Tigers about the 2006 Cardinals and they’ll tell you numbers don’t mean a thing if you can’t win. The Sox can’t seem to win right now.