The San Francisco Giants are slowly creeping up on the LA Dodgers having cut their deficit by two games over the past week during a modest three game winning streak. The only problem the Giants really face at the moment is what to do with Tim Lincecum?

Will Lincecum return to form this season or will he struggle all season thus leaving a huge hole in the rotation and the Giants 2012 plan?

On April 23, Lincecum had an 8.20 ERA that lowered to 5.74 on April 28 against San Diego, not too difficult of a feat, as the Cubs have used the Padres to erase a 12-game losing streak and put together a two-game winning streak.

Since that game Lincecum has been mediocre and his ERA has risen to 6.41 with his longest outing lasting seven innings that took 122 pitches against the Rockies back on May 15. If Lincecum had been pitching like Lincecum the Giants might be in first place right now, as I can confidentially say they would have won five games where they scored four runs or more.

Lincecum is listed as day-to-day with his blister injury, but once that’s healed what will the next move for the Giants? No one’s even mentioned the possibility of sending him to Triple-A to build confidence and work out his mechanical issues that have been pointed out on Giants’ broadcasts. I shouldn’t say mechanical, but his release point is off which is why he’s walked so many batters this season. His strikeout to walks ratio is an abysmal 2.0; I can’t believe I just typed that.

The good news like I’ve said all season is the Giants have a formidable offense this season, which has helped them win more than few poorly pitched games this season.

The best news of all for the Giants is the goat-awful Cubs roll into town on Friday that could turn into an extended winning streak for the Giants with a win tonight. Of course, it’s Lincecum taking the mound tonight for the Giants, and the Diamondbacks are sending Ian Kennedy to the mound, who’s had his fair share of issues this season. The Giants should look to score to six to possibly solidify a victory in this one.

One thing I wanted to point out on Major League Assholes’ blog is my two teams, the Giants and White Sox, both have winning records, while Smitty’s two teams, the Tigers and Cubs, are not doing so well. I like the way this season’s going so far.