Smitty and I often use the cliché phrase, “there’s a reason they play the games” as comic relief when things go completely opposite as we thought. Take for instance the Tigers season this year and the Sox last year. For me, I feel like I’m watching a replay of 2011 with the roles reversed this season. The Tigers are massively under achieving and the Sox are where a lot of people thought they could be if everything went right and what Sports Illustrated would consider impossible.
We’re not handing out any division championships yet, but I just don’t see the Tigers with the way they’ve played so far this season making a big run, however they may not need one to get to first place in the AL Central.
Last evenings Sox game was why I hate baseball and love it. The Sox knocked around Clayton Kershaw and looked to be in command of the game with a 5-1 lead in the 6th. Kershaw vs. Chris Sale was looked upon as a premier pitching match-up and turned out to be the exact opposite. Neither pitcher had good control and Sale and Jessie Crain gave the Dodgers five runs in the 6th and a 6-5 lead.
11 runs in the 6th inning? You gotta be bleepin’ me! I did not see that coming, nor did anyone on ESPN, Comcast, or FoxSports. I loved baseball for eight of the nine innings and by midnight I hated baseball. When Thornton threw a 50-footer that AJ Pierzynski could not handle letting the winning run score. A shitty way to lose. A shitty loss for fans who dedicated three plus of hours of their life on Friday into Saturday.

I was so pissed it kept me up for another two hours thus leading to me being very tired today. At the same time, I wouldn’t change a thing because the roller coaster of emotions is what makes baseball great. When Rios tied the game with his second home run of the game the San Francisco Giants were wrapping up a victory, so I was on top of the baseball world for about 13-minutes.

What will I do tonight at 9:10pm when the Sox game starts tonight? Crack a Bud and sit down hoping for a victory to end the three game skid. I love this game!