Haven’t seen this in awhile.

Two weeks ago seems like a decade for me. That was the last time Adam Dunn and Paul Konerko hit home runs for the White Sox. It’s more like 12 days ago, but it’s been awhile. In fact, even worse is the fact that they each have one run batted in over the same span. I can live without homers if you are still producing runs, but that’s not the case. It looks worse for Dunn than Konerko because his average was only at .230 when the slump started and plummeted to .208. Konerko has slipped to second in the AL in batting average at .333, but his average has fallen 40 points from .373.

According to Sox manager, Robin Ventura, Dunn is trying to pull everything versus going to center field like he has for most of the season. Ventura is sure Dunn will produce again and the coaching staff is working on it with him.

No one is saying much of anything about Konerko, but it could be that those bone spurs in his wrist are causing him more issues than anyone is letting on. A rest over the All-Star break might be exactly what he needs. When I watch Konerko lately it seems like he’s to concerned with going opposite field versus swinging based on the pitch selection. For a hitter like Konerko his swing should naturally take him to the opposite field when he’s being pitched to outside of the plate, but when it’s middle-in he should pull the ball, which is not happening right now.

It’s bad timing for both of our middle of the order guys to be slumping simultaneously, but the bottom half of the order has been holding their own. Let’s hope they break out of this slump against Minnesota this afternoon.