No A.J. Ron? You back on the smack?

Why do I even care about the All-Star game? Why do I let it bug the shit out of me? I don’t know why I do, but there always seems to be an issue on selection and of course this year like always some White Sox are getting snubbed. While this is unrelated, but two Cubs make the All-Star team and neither one of them is the right one?

Let’s start with the Sox, no A.J.? He’s only leading AL catchers in RBIs, second in homers by one, and second in batting average to Joe Mauer. He also catches fulltime, which is a rarity among catchers these days in the AL. I know the White Sox have three players going already, but there’s no doubt A.J.’s snub is because of personal differences with players and managers.

Ron Washington made some bullshit comments, “I feel bad for Pierzynski,” Washington said Sunday. “The guy is having an outstanding year. He’s been working with a very good pitching staff for many years. I consider him a winning player, because he beats you any way he can. He beats you mentally. He beats you physically. I really feel bad for Pierzynski.”

I’m sure Washington feels terrible, that’s why he didn’t add A.J. to the roster. What a jerk-off to even make those comments. I’m not a big Washington fan to begin with, I think he should have been kicked out of baseball for his cocaine issues, but baseball players and staff are above the law.

A.J. wasn’t buying Washington’s politician-like comments, “If (Washington) felt that bad he would have put me on the team,” Pierzynski told reporters in New York. “He had an opportunity to and he didn’t do it. Obviously, he can feel as bad as he wants, but he didn’t feel that bad.”

I voted about 60 times for Jake Peavy so far, in an effort to get Jake into the All-Star game. He’s having an outstanding year with very little run support from the sporadic Sox offense.

Now let’s get to the Cubs, I understand that Starlin Castro is the chosen-one or at least was before the latest chosen-one, Anthony Rizzo arrived last week, but how could players actually vote him into the game?

Starling Castro is hitting .296 with a .319 OBP, decent enough average but very little plate patience for a number two hitter. He’s not driving the ball with power and is a liability in the field (13 errors). He does have 16 stolen bases, but he’s far from All-Star material.

Ryan Dempster is the one Cubs’ player with All-Star numbers except for his record that should be 10-3 not 3-3. He has a 2.11 ERA with a 1.02 WHIP in 12 starts with 66 strikeouts and only 22 walks. He’s a legitimate All-Star, but I guess with the nagging injury he didn’t get selected?

Then the players proceeded to vote Bryan LaHair in? Are freaking serious? He has 13 homers with 28 RBIs. That’s right, 13 homers and 28 RBIs is All-Star worthy according to some. Maybe, it’s a feel good vote since it took him so long to get to the majors and he has exhibited some good power, but his numbers are shitty.

His average has fallen over 100 points since May 1 and has fallen 29 points since June 1. He had only three homers with six RBIs in June. Terrible.

Anyway, this non-exhibition game should pick its players more carefully, since it actually counts for something. I know baseball considers it an exhibition, but once it determined the outcome of who has home field advantage in the World Series it ceased being an exhibition.

Remember vote for Jake and I need to remember it’s just the All-Star game. Oh yeah! I’m not even going to get started on Miguel Cabrera not starting! Jesus! That’s right, it’s just the All-Star game.