Ozzie Guillen returns to Chicago as the Miami Marlins’ manager for the first time since his tumultuous exit as White Sox manager last September. It was time for Guillen to go, but how the situation went down was unprofessional and Guillen showed his true colors, green. In the end, the Marlins only paid him half million dollars more than he was making with the Sox, but gave him job security for four years. Guillen almost used up all four years of his contract when an interview surfaced with Guillen praising Cuban leader and tyrant, Fidel Castro.

As far as making headlines, well, that story has diminished, but if Guillen can’t turn his ball club around how soon will he wear out his welcome? The Marlins management put together a talented team that Guillen can’t seem to manage to a winning record, sound familiar?

Kenny Williams gave Guillen a very talented team in 2011 and they played horribly under Guillen, and a team not quite as talented (concerning proven veterans) as the 2011 White Sox are in first place. Robin Ventura has out managed Guillen, mainly because Ventura makes it about the team not himself. Something Ozzie could not do after the World Series win in 2005, and still hasn’t learned in Miami.

For Guillen, this homecoming of sorts for him and embattled ex-Cub pitcher, Carlos Zambrano, should be a colorful one.

“(Zambrano) is going to have fun,” Guillen said. “I want to be next to him and hear that, because if I’m next to him, they don’t know which one they are going to boo. They say, ‘Boooo.’ I say, ‘Which one? Me or him?'”

Guillen does not expect much love from the Wrigley Field crowd especially because he  expects some Sox fans to be in the crowd. Ozzie, you are so smart, because I’m going to be there on Wednesday night. I’m considering going to the game with a Fidel Castro beard, but it might be lost on most of the Cubs’ fans in the bleachers. It turns out it’s singles night in the bleachers, what a great promotion, good one! I can’t believe that one of my rare visits to Wrigley and the promotion on Wednesday is “2012 Singles Night … turning singles into doubles.” The weird thing about this promotion is this behavior is usually what’s happening anyway in the bleachers, so why run it as an event? How about a $4 beer instead? Throw me a bone Ricketts!!!! $2 bison dog? Something!!!!

The one thing Ozzie does hope for is that the heckling doesn’t go overboard and stays within good taste. This coming from the guy who said, “I love Fidel Castro.”

“It’s going to be interesting and fun,” Guillen said. “Hopefully they don’t overdo it by calling him (Zambrano) names or calling him something they aren’t supposed to say. They can boo. They can say anything they want. But as long as they don’t cross the line, just go out and have fun. I want to be out there (during batting practice) to see it. I’m not going to but I would love to be out there to see what they are saying.”

While Ozzie thinks he and Zambrano will take their fair share of abuse, he feels Buehrle will feel the love, I know I’ll be giving him some love; figuratively speaking.

“You will see a lot of White Sox fans there,” Guillen said. “(Buehrle) is the White Sox’s baby.”

Hey Ozzie, sounds like you’re a little jealous? Seems about right.