8 sweeps this Sunday, count ’em, 8!

There were a series of sweeps this weekend through MLB, in fact there were eight sweeps in total. Let’s a take look at each sweep and how it impacted the division and wild card picture.

1 – Oakland A’s over the New York Yankees
IMPACT: The A’s have definitely turned into buyers as they are tied for the Wild Card lead with the Angels, and trail the Rangers by 5-1/2 games. They are 9-1 in the there last 10. Didn’t really effect the Yankees much as they still hold a 6-game lead over the Orioles

2 – Detroit Tigers over the Chicago White Sox
IMPACT: Tigers take over lead of the AL Central by 1-1/2 games and looking like the team everyone thought they were going to be. The Sox are a game out of the Wild Card, also. They have luckily made some early moves, since more teams in the AL are in sight of one of the two playoff spots acquiring talent is going to become increasingly more difficult as the deadline approaches.

3 – Los Angeles Dodgers over the New York Mets
IMPACT: Dodgers moved to 1-1/2 games behind the Giants in the NL West, and a 1/2 game out of the Wild Card. Adding Ryan Dempster will improve their pitching situation, but what about consistent run support?

4 – Cincinnati Reds over the Milwaukee Brewers
IMPACT: Definitely turned the Brewers into sellers this season as they are now 10-1/2 games back in the NL Central. It allowed the Reds to keep a meager 1/2 game lead over the red hot Pirates.

5 – Pittsburgh Pirates over the Miami Marlins
IMPACT: Much like the aforementioned Reds sweep, this sweep of the Marlins definitely turned them into sellers as they sit at 11-1/2 games out of the NL East and 8 back in the Wild Card. Does anyone want their high priced players? The Pirates will be looking to add as they are in even better shape then they were last season.

6 – Toronto Blue Jays over the Red Sox
IMPACT: This muddied the waters for both teams in regards to the division as they seem destined to continue to swap positions of last and fourth place in the AL East. They are both in the Wild Card hunt, but have four teams ahead of them. I could see both teams dumping high salaried players near the deadline if the right players are involved.

7 – St. Louis Cardinals over the Chicago Cubs
IMPACT: Kept the Cardinals in the division and Wild Card hunt with the Wild Card looking more realistic at this point. With Albert Pujols off the payroll the Cardinals can afford to absorb some salary even at $110 million payroll. It will be interesting to see what they decide to do, but I expect them to add.

8 – Arizona Diamondbacks over the Houston Astros
IMPACT: The Diamondbacks are on life support after their sweep of the Astros. I expect them to stand pat and not make any moves. If they are going to make a run at anything it will be with what they have.