The Giants offensive production has seen a boost with the acquisitions of Marco Scutaro and Hunter Pence, yet fending off the Dodgers has been a struggle. The Giants have gone 6-4 in their last 10 and the pesky Dodgers have gone one game better to tie the Giants for first place in the NL West.

The Washington Nationals hammering of Ryan Vogelsong sealed the Giants fate early yesterday during a seven run 3rd inning at AT&T Park with 42,000 plus disappointed Giants fans looking on.

The White Sox game went to extra innings, so by the time I went to the Giants game the slaughter was well on its way. Vogelsong was due for a bad outing and so it came in the way of a very forgettable game. It’s easier for me to take a beating versus losing a close game when you have multiple opportunities to win. You can say we had a bad game, tomorrows a new day with a loss like last night.

The Giants lone RBIs came from a pinch-hit homer by Brandon Crawford that drove in two. Getting back to my original point, despite the lack offense generated yesterday the Giants have been scoring runs much easier with their newest players in the line-up.

Before Pence and Scutaro arrived the Giants were averaging 4-runs a game, which is pretty decent average for the Giants compared to last year, but since their arrival the Giants have averaged 6-runs per game including scoring in the double digits three times in the last 13 games. They only scored in double-digits twice the prior 103 games, so it’s safe to say that Brian Sabean made two very good pick-ups.

It hasn’t been so much that Pence, for example, has been putting on a hitting clinic, but his presence in the line-up has allowed other players to thrive, like Buster Posey. Posey was having a good year already, but since Pence has arrived he’s hit 5 homers and driven in 15; the effect of having a legitimate power hitter in your line-up.

I still believe the Giants will pull away from the Dodgers when it’s all said and done, especially since they play each other nine more times before the end of the season that includes the final three games of the year at Dodger Stadium,. The Giants also get to visit Wrigley in a few weeks and play 13 games versus the Rockies and Padres before the end of the season. Playing 22 games out of the next 46 against teams with under .500 records should make things a little easier for the Giants. If you throw the Diamondbacks in the mix, since they are only a game over at this point, it would total 28 games against mediocrity in which they should win about 70% of those if not more.

I’m not going to mix words here, but they will sweep the Cubs in Wrigley starting August 31, 2012 and I will be there for the Friday afternoon contest sporting my Giants gear.

It should be a good post season for me with both the Giants and White Sox playoff bound, but what-if the unthinkable should happen… Sox vs. Giants in the World Series. Dare to dream!!!