Tom Ricketts seen resting up against his newly acquired DeLorean.

With the Cubs showing no signs of life and young superstars coming back to the earth for the team, Tom Ricketts turns to another marketing effort to take attention away from the terrible product on the field; time travel.First, the city was plastered with a marketing campaign stating, “Baseball is Better” at Wrigley. Taking the focus off the team and putting it on the park. Next, the Cubs had the television marketing campaign about coming out to Wrigley to see who the guest singer would be for the 7th inning stretch, not to watch the team play.

Finally, after a failed GroupOn attempt offering the “Cubs Game-Day Experience” for $30,000, Ricketts turns his attention to a time machine to offer the “Cubs World Series Experience.” Ricketts plans to offer a Cubs’ fans the opportunity to take a trip through time in his newly purchased DeLorean for $30,000 a trip. It’s even outfitted with a Cubs steering wheel, floor mats, and logo.

“Basically, fans can travel back to  October 14, 1908 to witness the last Cubs World Series win,” said Ricketts, adding, “for $30,000 you receive a ticket to the game, a Cubs 1908 cap, a commemorative photo of the experience, ticket stub holder, and the biggest moment… watching the Cubbies win the World Series.”

With no signs of a winning record anytime soon, this may be your best bet to for a Cubs World Series, Ricketts expects this promotion to perform better than the “Game-Day Experience.” All proceeds will be split between Cubs Charities and the American Bison Association.