Looking good Posey, feeling good Verniere

A few days ago it felt like my postseason dreams and preseason predictions were going to burn up quickly. After suffering a White Sox collapse in the last week of the season it looked like the Giants were going to disappoint also, but Bruce Bochy and the Giants showed why World Championships are becoming a regular occurrence; timely hitting and quality pitching.
The Giants returned to form for the last three games of the NLDS to send Dusty Baker and the Reds golfing in what looked like an easy series win for Dusty, but we know there’s no such thing.
In 2002, the Giants were 8 outs away from winning the World Series and with a reliever warmed Dusty stuck with Russ Ortiz. That turned into a disaster and the Giants came up short.
The following year was even more epic, as Dusty was on the verge of becoming legend in Chicago as the Cubs were six outs away from going to the World Series for the first time in 95 years. Instead, Dusty sat on the bench while his team imploded, and Dusty became a dirty name in Chicago.
Then we have this year where Dusty’s Reds take the first two games in San Fran before coming home for three with one to win, and they get swept at home by the Giants. It’s great getting to the playoffs consistently, but if those do not turn into World Series wins it doesn’t really equate to anything.
The Giants have more pitching depth any of teams left in the playoffs, and if they return to the World Series as I predicted in April they should have no problem beating any AL opponent.
Up next, the Giants will be playing host to the pesky Cardinals or going to Washington to play the Nasty Nats, either way the Giants have the better pitching.
The NLCS feels more like an obstacle than a wall, let’s go Giants!