Big dividends to be paid for Sale
Big dividends to be paid for Sale

Is trading Chris Sale a completely asinine thought or possibly the payday the White Sox need to comfortably restock and compete again in the very near future with young talent; remember the kids can play?

Chris Sale right now is the White Sox’ Herschel Walker. Not to mix sports, but when the Cowboys traded Walker to the Vikings they received the draft picks that turned into three championships in four years. Sale is by far the most attractive player from a performance and contract standpoint that the White Sox have to offer, and should return four or more major league ready minor league talent. You could essentially go from a non-competitive to team to a highly competitive team by trading Sale.

While White Sox GM, Rick Hahn, has indicated that Sale is not available, it’s hard to believe he would not listen if the return were as great as I’m speculating.

Who would not give up the farm for a CY Young caliber starter with the following contract?

2013 – $850,000 ($300,000 left)

2014 – $3.5 million

2015 – $6 million

2016 – $9.15 million

2017 – $12 million

2018 – $12.5 million option, $1 million buyout

2019 – $13.5 million option, $1 million buyout

If Sale continues to pitch at the same caliber a team would have him locked up for $26 million in his first two years of free agency. Add a Sale trade along with the looming trades of Jake Peavy, Jesse Crain, and Alex Rios, along with the possible trades of Alexei Ramirez and Adam Dunn and the Sox would be in great shape for the now and the future.

Even without a Sale trade, the White Sox should fair pretty well, especially if they decide to eat some of Peavy’s money that seems to be what’s been delaying any trade up to now. A trade may be finalizing as I type this, so who knows by the time this posts what will have occurred. It seems the Red Sox are ready to make the deal, but are only willing to part with 3 top prospects if the White Sox are willing to pay part of Peavy’s remaining contract. The White Sox allegedly have no interest in paying any part of Peavy’s contract, so everything remains at a stalemate. The White Sox have the upper hand and Hahn should not grow impatient, as premier starting pitching at a premium at the moment.

The White Sox need hitters, not just power guys. The White Sox have the most quality starts since 2003 in the majors and have one championship and one place appearance to show for it, not good. That’s why all offers need to be considered in order to turn their offense around.

No matter what happens one thing for sure, if the White Sox and Hahn take the Kenny Williams patchwork approach versus the rebuild approach White Sox fans will have plenty more painful years starting them in the face.