It only took the second game of Opening Week for the new replay system put in my Major

Perhaps an eye test is in order for replay umpires.
Perhaps an eye test is in order for replay umpires.

League Baseball this season to prove itself flawed. During the Giants game last evening against the Diamondbacks two plays happened within a few minutes of each other that exposed a flaw in the system.

First, Giants manager, Bruce Bochy, contested a pick-off play at first where it looked on replay that Giants first baseman, Brandon Belt, placed the tag on A.J. Pollock. After a review the call was upheld and Pollock remained at first. Problem one is he was out, but it was a close play so maybe the eyes weren’t so good on the umpires back in New York.

Next, after a hit Pollock moved into third and then the major flaw with replay came into play. Buster Posey allowed a pitch to get past him from Matt Cain, Cain charged towards home with he and the throw from Posey there in time. Cain following the rules of blocking the plate slide behind the plate and tagged Pollock on the foot before Pollock touched the bag. The Home Plate Umpire ruled Pollock safe. Cain pleaded for a moment to no avail.

Bochy had unfortunately used his challenge a couple of plays earlier when Pollock was out the first time, but the play was upheld and went against the Giants. That meant by rule the Giants did not receive another challenge. The other issue is the umps could not review because it was not the seventh inning or later.

I’m not going to get on my soapbox about replay is flawed when everyone watching can see the call was wrong and after review the wrong call stands. Perhaps “by rule” there was not indisputable evidence for the replay umpires to overturn the call, or perhaps because umpires are the biggest babies on the plant they upheld the call to prove they are doing a good job on the field. I would not put that past them at all, the sensitive fellas. I’ve watched NFL refs get calls wrong after review for years that I’m somewhat numb to it.

The flaw that exists in replay is not all scoring plays involving a tag are reviewed in New York automatically. This would not delay the game that much, football instituted that rule, and its improved the game and has not prolonged it. It’s that simple, just put in a rule to review any scoring play involving a tag.

All I ask is that MLB put my suggestion under review, but please have the all parties eyes checked prior to reviewing this no-brainer proposal.

The Giants lost 5-4 and moved to 1-1. The proposed scoring issues of the Giants by some individuals seems to be a non-issue at the moment as they’ve put up 13 runs in the first two games this season.