I’ve been laughing all the way to the runs bank with the San Francisco Giants destroying everything in their path by dropping an average of over  six runs per game, second only to the Marlins, and leading the league in homers with nine. The reason I’m laughing is because everyone gave the NL West to the Dodgers, like it was an unforeseen conclusion. They also seemed to question the Giants ability to score runs, that prediction looks wrong.

I did not see it that way as the Giants wrapped up their pitching to long-term contracts and added the right offensive role players they needed to score runs on a consistent basis, exactly what they are doing. They’ve been spent the first two games on their series with the Dodgers lighting them up by dropping 15 runs on them.

The addition of Michael Morse in left is exactly the perfect fit for Giants baseball, role players, no huge superstars on offensive, a true team. This is a winning formula because anyone at anytime can step-up and contribute without the team sitting back waiting for a big hit from their superstar.

I think the Brain Sabean learned his lesson on keeping a superstar in the clubhouse from the Barry Bonds’ years. I love Bonds and even though he used steroids he will be one of the best hitters we will ever see in the game, thankfully Miguel Cabrera got his head on straight and he may very well be the “cleanest” best hitter in the modern-era in regards to pure power and consistency. Still, Cabrera does not have the eye or plate patience that Bonds’ had in his heyday. What Bonds did on the field was amazing, but what he did to the clubhouse was uncalled for. He walked around like he owned the place and quite possibly was the reason the Giants never won a World Series while he was on the team. You can’t have team chemistry while there’s a cancer in the clubhouse, and that’s what Bonds’ was in the clubhouse.

Fastford to the current era of Giants and if anyone is looked upon as cancer or troublemaker he is shipped out-of-town before he can get comfortable; see AJ Pierzynski. For the Giants it’s all about true team atmosphere, where no one has special rules or special treatment, everyone is an equal and you can see it in the results on the field.

Yes, I know we’re only a week old in the 2014 season, but I see in these Giants what I saw in 2010 and 2012, a World Series Champion, I’m starting to feel spoiled.