Is this the new Face of Baseball?

Apparently a 6-0 Cubs win over the Padres wasn’t enough for John Gillis (better known as Jack White) to take a break from his bullshit, brooding rock star persona Tuesday night at Wrigley Field.  Shortly after Comcast SportsNet noticed White in the crowd looking like a little girl who lost her lollipop, the images went viral on every social media outlet. “Resting bitchface” is easily the best description of his sour puss I’ve seen so far.

On the heels of what seems like this ill-conceived attempt to become the new “face of baseball” comes the equally awkward announcement that White will be throwing out the first pitch of his (and my) hometown Tigers this coming Tuesday.  Let’s just hope he can turn that frown upside down beforehand.  Cheer up, buddy, and keep reaching for that rainbow!