Now that Dave Dombrowski finally convinced a barely lucid Mike Ilitch that it was time to give up on his fever dream of a 2015 World Series championship, the doors to the treasure trove of Tigers tradable assets have been thrown wide open and suitors are falling all over themselves to get a piece of the action. Detroit just became the the biggest commodities exchange west of Wall Street with David Price being the crown jewel.

And the timing couldn’t be better.

Price was always going to be the best pitcher available, but with the high bar set by the Johnny Cueto deal to Kansas City and Cole Hamels coming off the market to further limit supply, the demand is going through the roof, especially with the list of high rollers currently bellying up to the table:

It appears the Dodgers are the front-runner:

Now I’m not going to pretend to be an expert on the Dodgers number one prospect, but from what I’ve read, Julio Urias is a 19-year old LHP from Mexico and he is THE SHIT and a consensus top-10 prospect in all of baseball (he also has a cool, fucked-up eye).  The main thing I know about him is my co-worker buddy from L.A. is on the verge of panic today, pacing back and forth in the halls, periodically stopping into my office to blurt out “you’re NOT going to get him!”

Even if the Tigers are unable to use their leverage to force the Dodgers to part with Urias, can just go to the next customer in line. It sounds like the Toronto Blue Jays, a similarly desperate franchise to L.A., would have the best set of prospect that match up with the Tigers’ needs.

The centerpiece of that deal would be another LHP, Daniel Norris. Besides owning the minors’ best K/9 ratio last year, the eccentric flamethrower gained notoriety earlier this year for living out of his 1978 VW bus behind a Wal-Mart in Dunedin, FL for Spring Training.  Oh yeah, and he shaves with a GODDAMN HATCHET.


Regardless of who wins the bidding war for Price, the Tigers have a great shot to be the biggest winner in the long run by “rebooting” a team with much needed pitching depth.