Happy-_HolidaysThe anniversary of Robin Ventura’s ill-fated attempt to challenge Nolan Ryan’s manliness got quite a reaction on our Facebook page and across much of social media yesterday. So much so, it made me think we need to have our own holidays to annually celebrate those seminal A-hole moments in the shared history between the teams we love and hate. Light a candle, do a shot of Malort, hang a flag, or just take the day off work — how you choose to honor these hallowed dates is up to you.  Happy Holidays, folks!


April 22: Tigers/Sox BaseBRAWL Day

Something tells me this series of ugly melees was ‘enhanced’ by the side effects of elaborate chemical concoctions coursing through the combatants veins.


May 20: Punch Pierzynski Day

The iconic beef between meathead catchers, A.J. PPierzynski and Michael Barrett, set the bar for how close the Red Line rivalry could get to a bad WWE script.


July 12: Disco Demolition Night

The worst/best promotion in the history of sports just happened to occur between games of a Tigers/Sox doubleheader.


July 16: Steve Lyons’ Pants Day

Not that anyone at Tiger Stadium (or anywhere else) wanted to know, but we got Lyons’ answer to “Boxers or Briefs?” Hilarity ensued.