051021_sox_275It’s the time of year where the “baseball experts” make-up trade scenarios hoping that they’ve guessed correctly and their crazy ideas actually come to fruition making many fans believe their teams are making moves that will push them into the playoffs.

For the White Sox it’s a bit more complicated again this year, and I can only look at Robin Ventura and his team of managers and ask how did we get here? Before I get to potential trade scenarios for the Sox based on their current position I would like to point out that there have been at least seven games this season you can solely blame on Ventura for losing, so where would the Sox be with those seven wins?

They would trail the Indians by 3 games and in one of the two Wildcard spots. This is important to consider when you decide whether or not to trade away players that are part of a solid core with a few pieces needed to improve.

Also, it would seem that if Kenny Williams had conducted a proper managerial search versus hiring a fan favorite to wash himself clean of the Ozzie Guillen stain the White Sox would be in a better position with a real manager at the helm. Somehow, I think bringing Guillen back could energize this team and get them back into a good position to win it, but that could be the sour of Ventura talking right now.

That brings me to the next question, would firing Ventura now energize the club? My bourbon and beer filled gut tells me yes, in fact, it could do it to the degree of sending the Sox on a winning streak that puts them into the thick of the Wild Card race, but if you want to sustain that Sox brass would need to put the right person in-charge. I don’t think its Rick Renteria, but unless you’ve been in talks with someone that’s the option you have, and if that’s the case then I would say just let Robin finish out the season with a bleak of hope that the team can rise above their manager as they did in April.

So, let’s make the safe assumption that good old Jerry will remain loyal to a fault and Ventura will be the White Sox manager through the end of the season, what do you do with your players?

While I was working on this post part of that was answered in that the starting pitching staff will be left intact, and to be honest I’m kind of relieved and here’s why. While rumors have it that a team offered the Sox a “kings ransom” for Chris Sale and the Sox said no, its proof as to why you should hold onto good pitching that you can control for extended periods of time.

While I’m quite certain we’ll never find out the proposed trade, or at least not until the offseason, one things for sure the Sox have a starting pitching staff worth building around. So if the Sox lose this four game series to the Tigers this weekend who do you trade?

First names that come to mind are Zach Duke and David Robertson. Duke is under contract until 2017 and Robertson is under contract until 2018. The White Sox could generate decent players/prospects for either of them, and with Yankees back in the hunt it seems their bullpen chips are off the table.

The painful part of this whole thing is that with a different manager I think it would be clear that the Sox should be adding right now, but that’s not the reality we have to live with as White Sox fan, instead as Smitty perfectly said it earlier in a Facebook post, another year of “Purgatory” for Sox fans.

I know this is going to sound delusional, but I think this team can still make the playoffs with a solid run, and they still could trade for CARGO or Bruce… I’ll have a better idea around Sunday at 4pm, until then Sox fans we’re stuck in the middle.