Rick Hahn announced as new White Sox GM at U.S. Cellular Field Friday, Oct. 26 2012. B582472752Z.1 (E. Jason Wambsgans/Chicago Tribune) ….OUTSIDE TRIBUNE CO.- NO MAGS, NO SALES, NO INTERNET, NO TV, CHICAGO OUT, NO DIGITAL MANIPULATION…
What happened with the Chris Sale and the White Sox pre-game yesterday is quite similar to me telling my 5-year old Charlie, “no”. He doesn’t like the answer and instead of reacting in a rational manner, he starts kicking and screaming, which I reply, “use your words.” Emotions are hard to control when you’re a toddler and apparently they are hard to control when you’re a CY Young candidate on the White Sox. I think safety scissors may be in order in the Sox clubhouse for the immediate future.

What Sale did last night is inexcusable and I really don’t want him to be member of the White Sox, and while he may learn to control his emotions over time that ship has “Saled” as far as I’m concerned.

Let’s be honest, we can make jokes that the softball uniforms from 1976 were terrible, I don’t agree, and that’s just because of fond memories of my childhood at Comiskey Park, but Sale knew coming to the park that day that it was required.

In fact, he would have known for months that this uniform was part of a promotion, so we can honestly say this an outburst due to trade rumors and the Sox admitting, finally, they need to be open minded to all trade possibilities.

He also acted like they took the jerseys out of storage from 1976 and were asking them to wear the original material from the 70’s. How uncomfortable could a lose fitting, cool base jersey with a V-neck actually be?

What’s been lost amidst all the jokes from baseball’s fashion police is several sources reported that Sale’s actions were considered “insubordination” from the terms of the player uniform contract. What does that mean exactly? No one has said other than Sale may have triggered the White Flag Trade part 2, except the returns for the White Sox may be that much greater!

It would be a bit comical if the Sox exercised any sort of “insubordination” clause from Sale cutting up jersey with all that he’s given the team over the years, no, instead the best move is to schedule another start and trade him for a “king’s ransom”. By the way, what year is it that baseball writer’s are using the term, a “king’s ransom”? Proxy, proxy… Sox have been offered a king’s ransom for squire Chris Sale.

Ok, back to business. If there’s any truth to the Rangers trade sending Gallo, Profor, and Mazara, and the Sox for Sale, I ask, “What are you waiting for?” Not only have you filled 3 holes with long-term solutions, you’ve also positioned yourself to get even more without trading Quintana.

You now have the opportunity to move Frazier, Lawrie, Garcia, and Cabrera with little consequence. Again, the aforementioned Rangers are rumored, but several sources have reported a “rookie of the year” candidate has been part of trade talks and my guess is its Mazara.

You also have some solid bullpen arms in Robertson and Duke that are under control for the next few years for those looking for bullpen help that would send some decent players in return especially since the Yankees have been non-committal on their intentions to trade their bullpen gems.

It’s kind of funny that the Sox have as many as seven players that could bring solid returns, but have a losing record that seems like a managerial problem to me. That’s not news to anyone.

While building around a solid rotation makes sense, it also makes sense to strike while the iron is hot and Sox can basically be in real contention on a 2-year plan instead of a 5-year plan with players under control to 2023. Seems like the thing to do.