Renowned shithead, Aroldis Chapman dropped like a bomb into the Chicago baseball landscape this week, shattering the Cubs likable ‘good guy’ image while at the same time making an already formidable  team into a potential juggernaut. 

The trade for Chapman gave Cubs fans like myself a troubling moral dilemma: How can I separate the team I root for from its new closer villain? That answer is — I found after much thought and a spirited debate on our Facebook page — you cant’t. But that doesn’t mean we can’t turn the negative into a small positive and feel a little less shitty about celebrating every Chapman save. 

The Northwest Herald’s Caitlin Swieca came up with the simple, yet powerful idea to donate $10 for every Chapman save in a Cubs uniform this year to Chicago’s Domestic Violence Legal Clinic which provides free legal services for victims of domestic violence. You can check it out @pitchin4dv on Twitter  for more information. 

I love the idea, so I’m putting my money where my mouth is and joining her. I’m also going to use our admittedly small, usually ridiculous, and sometimes irresponsible platform here at Major League Assholes to try to do some good and encourage Cubs fans and anyone else who abhors domestic violence to join us. 

You can donate at

Thank you.