Unabashed attention whore and Jesus peddler Tim Tebow is attempting to take his traveling bullshit revival circus into professional baseball — and 28 out of 30 MLB clubs fell for it.

After a much-hyped workout for 40 duped scouts Tuesday, Tebow was described by one sucker as “an actor trying to portray a baseball player.” He played the part taking batting practice, running the bases, and showcasing the same pathetic throwing arm that prompted his abrupt exodus from the NFL.

I was happy to learn the Cubs were one of the two teams who saw through the bullshit and didn’t bother sending a representative to the thinly-veiled publicity stunt which just happened to coincide with Tebow’s shiny new Adidas endorsement deal.

But the rest of MLB weren’t the only ones to fall for the charade. ESPN tried to compare his BP contact rate to that of actual professionals in actual game situations:


Just… wow.

Tebow’s act was already old back in 2009 before blowhard Thom Brennaman verbally fellated him with his legendary, eye-rolling hyperbole set new records for bloviation during the BCS National Championship Game. But the fact that we’re still talking about a washed-up athlete who’s glory days ended around the same time people stopped talking about James Cameron’s Avatar for something as ridiculous as this is embarrassing. 

Your time has come and gone, Timmy. To paraphrase another relic of the past, Mötley Crüe, “Tim, don’t go away mad, just go away.”