Madison Bumgarner has pitched 23 straight scoreless postseason innings, and can drink five Buds simultaneously.

Here we go again Giants’ fans, an elimination game in October. Is anyone even worried? Are you more confident now that we’ve reached this point? Is this evening’s game already a win in your mind? Well, there is Mad Bum on the mound, so that makes it a little easier to assume a post season win, but its all the other intangibles that have not happen for the Giants that I need to see this evening to feel comfortable in games 4 and 5.

Yes, I’ve already chalked up the win this evening and that could not be a more arrogant approach to an elimination game against the best the team in baseball, but I’ve been through this 9 times since 2010, so I apologize if I’ve insulted any Cubs’ fans.

Back to what I need to see tonight during the Giants win this evening over the Cubs…

1 – Timely hitting – lived off of that in all past playoff runs, need to get that going for this series or no matter how well Mad Bum pitches tonight it may be a short lived run.

2 – Unlikely power – The Giants have fed off of unlikely heroes rising to the occasion in year’s past, so a homer from Angel Pagan or Joe Panik tonight would be a welcomed site. No line-ups are out as of yet, but you get the idea.

3 – Limit mistakes – Game 1 Buster Posey had the mental mistake on the base path that cost the Giants a run, and Game 2 was costly from a fielding perspective, and unlike the Giants. A return to the error free ways of Game 1 should reap rewards.

The biggest thing on this short list is timely hitting because without it the Giants will not score runs and that makes it impossible to win games. No matter what the outcome only a fool would say this has not been a fun series.