We should probably consider it a badge of honor to be so abrasive to the establishment that we finally got kicked off our first social media platform, but really, it just pisses us off.

Without warning or explanation, YouTube just pulled the plug on Major League A*Holes: The Show’s channel today. While we wait (up to two fucking weeks) for a response to our appeal, all 181 of our videos will be unavailable including all videos embedded in posts on majorleagueaholes.com.

One can say a lot of things about our dumb blog, but we’ve been ranting on all major social media platforms for over 10 years without incident. We only started on YouTube a few months ago and were just starting to figure things out so PV and I have some theories on who may be responsible that we’ll share on Episode #27 of The Show on Friday.

Speaking of the podcast, while we fight with these fuckers to get our shit back and consider other options, you can rest assured we’ll continue to spew all our usual venom and bullshit via all our other platforms including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and pretty much everywhere you can listen to podcasts.

In the meantime, go fuck yourself, YouTube.