The 2020 Postseason seems to be the ultimate tease. First, we heard rumors of a plan to expand to 16 teams only to learn that idea had been nixed when Rob Manfred railroaded his 60-game plan down the players’ throats. Then playoff expansion was resurrected in the 11th hour, just moments before the season started. Now, who knows if there will even be a postseason, but fuck it — it’s fun to talk about at least.

34 | A Predictably Fucked Up Week 1 Major League A*Holes: The Show

BREAKING outbreak news is getting a little too close to home  |  Cubs offense and starters looking solid, but the bullpen is a fucking disaster  |  White Sox offense is potent despite questionable lineup construction  |  Tigers are leading baseball in homers… and strikeouts  |  Giants/YAZ using aerodynamics to their advantage?  |  #FreeJoeKelly  | Asshole of the Week: Miami Marlins
  1. 34 | A Predictably Fucked Up Week 1
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