• BREAKING outbreak news is getting a little too close to home
  • Cubs offense and starters looking solid, but the bullpen is a fucking disaster
  • White Sox offense is potent despite questionable lineup construction 
  • Tigers are leading baseball in homers… and strikeouts
  • Giants/YAZ using aerodynamics to their advantage?
  • Shit We Couldn’t Make Up: #FreeJoeKelly
  • Asshole of the Week: Miami Marlins

45 | White Sox Manager Search Devolves Into Madness!! Major League A*Holes: The Show

Renteria and Coop feel the Wrath of Hahn, chaos ensues  |  Tony La Russa? Are you fucking kidding me??  |  More manager candidates emerge with varying degrees of plausibility  |  Postseason Talk: Can we just get to a Rays/Braves World Series already?  |  Strip Club Knife Fight: hair metal band name or a night out with Tommy Pham?  |  Billy Beane applies Moneyball to European lawn sport
  1. 45 | White Sox Manager Search Devolves Into Madness!!
  2. 44 | Huge Decisions Facing Cubs/Sox/Tigers this Offseason
  3. 43 | Renteria Exposed as Sox Exit Postseason
  4. 42 | Chicago: From the Capital of Baseball to the Shitshow of Baseball
  5. 41 | Chicago is the Goddamn Capital of Baseball