It was too hard (sorry, bad pun) to decide if the better title for this piece would be “Car Jacker” or “Heavy Diddle Parking Lot” but either way Blue Jays catcher Reese McGuire‘s “auto” erotic (sorry, worse pun) tale definitely fits our criteria for Shit We Couldn’t Make Up.

UPDATE: The Braves have the best organist on the planet!


46 | A Fitting End to a Fucked Up Season Major League A*Holes: The Show

Wild and weird #WorldSeries recap | Asshole of the Week: Justin Turner  |  White Sox & Tigers managerial searches ramp up  |  Marquee Network Drama: The Disappointing Sequel  |  Which 2020 MLB rules changes should we keep?  |  2021 free-agent market looking rather thin  |  Gold Glove awards are bullshit
  1. 46 | A Fitting End to a Fucked Up Season
  2. 45 | White Sox Manager Search Devolves Into Madness!!
  3. 44 | Huge Decisions Facing Cubs/Sox/Tigers this Offseason
  4. 43 | Renteria Exposed as Sox Exit Postseason
  5. 42 | Chicago: From the Capital of Baseball to the Shitshow of Baseball