As the legend goes, in 1979 Bruce Bochte coined the “Mendoza Line” as a term to describe his Mariners teammate Mario Mendoza as a joke on the light-hitting shortstop who’s average consistently hovered around .200. That sad joke applies today to a glut of underachieving Cubs stars (and soon-to-be free agents). 

Anthony Rizzo – .208
Kris Bryant – .208
Kyle Schwarber – .203
Javy Baez – .196

51 | No Worries, Mate! Sox Sign Hendriks Major League A*Holes: The Show

White Sox continue to not fuck around and sign the best closer on the market  |  The market was better for Kyle Schwarber than anyone thought  |  Rumors of an imminent Kris Bryant trade were greatly exaggerated  |  Jon "Boog" Sciambi becomes the new voice of the Cubs  |  Marcell Ozuna to the Giants?  |  Does anyone even bother listening to Rob Manfred anymore?  |  Asshole of the Week: first-time Hall of Fame voter makes it all about himself
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