How Rob Manfred almost cost Kyle Hendricks his season | Kris Bryant still doesn’t ‘give a shit’ but still kinda gives a shit | Chuck Garfien is the David Kaplan of the South Side | Five Years Later: Adam LaRoche incident was merely a hint of even weirder shit to come for 2016 White Sox | A’s dalliance with cryptocurrency feels a little shady | ESPN’s Buster Olney strikes out his thick bush | Our fantasy draft preview that no one needs or asked for | Assthetics: Enough with the half-assed St. Patty’s Day uniforms


59 | Happy Opening April Fool's Day! Major League A*Holes: The Show

April Fool's hijinks and Opening Day roster surprises  |  Javy Baez is NOT Francisco Lindor just like Anthony Rizzo is NOT Paul Goldschmidt, so STOP fucking comparing them  |  Trying to stream Marquee Network is a completely FUBAR experience  |  NostraDumbass: Predictions for MVP, Cy Young, and ROY  |  Bad Tweets: Where are all the White Sox fans? #Cubs #WhiteSox #Tigers #Giants #Athletics #MLB #OpeningDay
  1. 59 | Happy Opening April Fool's Day!
  2. 58 | White Sox NOT Completely Fucked by Eloy's Folly
  3. Fantasy Special '21
  4. 57 | Cubs/Sox Polar Opposite 5-Year Anniversaries
  5. 56 | Fans Back in the Fucking Stands!