You know the world is getting back to normal when Bill Murray is doing the 7th-Inning Stretch, beer snakes are setting records, and we’re talking shit and drinking beers together again | Do you want the good news or bad news about White Sox injuries first? | The Sticky Fingers Sticky Balls saga has only just begun and it’s a total shitshow | Tigers seeing encouraging signs down on the farm | Giants balance short term success vs. long-term health of the franchise | Anthony Rizzo‘s non-vaccinated stance creates potential disaster for Cubs | A’s pick up Bob Melvin‘s option, but where’s the extension? | Trevor Bauer awards Mickey Mouse Cy Youngs after 60 games | Rob Manfred is still an asshole (at least he’s consistent)


91 | Jon Lester's Championship Legacy Major League A*Holes: IN THE HOLE

The $hit$how To End All  $hit$hows enters its eighth week as the owners' Lockout shows no sign of ending soon  |  Eight potential trade targets to solve the #WhiteSox 2B issue  |  Will Jon Lester go into the Hall of Fame with a #RedSox or #Cubs logo on his plaque?  |  Every writer who voted for David Ortiz but not Barry Bonds earns our Asshole of the Week dishonor
  1. 91 | Jon Lester's Championship Legacy
  2. 90 | 2021 Asshole of the Year
  3. 89 | Congrats, Owners —  You Got Your Fucking Lockout
  4. 88 | Tigers are DOMINATING the Off-Season
  5. 87 | Post-Postseason News Explosion!