Barstool SportsWhite Sox Dave might be a miserable prick with a punchable face, but he had a point when he called out Chicago actor John Cusack for acting like a tourist by being a bandwagon fan of both the Cubs and White Sox. You can’t plant your flag on both sides of town and be a respectable Chicago baseball fan — you have to pick a goddamn side!

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85 | Fade to Black: 2021 White Sox Post Mortem Major League A*Holes: IN THE HOLE

The #WhiteSox vs. #Astros ALDS had so many goddamn layers and storylines that we dedicated an entire fucking episode to it complete with Asshole of the Week, more funny Shit We Couldn't Make Up, ASKHOLE?! and yet another one of Bob's Bad Tweets. Plus, a brand new segment — Anti-Hero of the Week presented by Revolution Brewing. #ChangeTheGame
  1. 85 | Fade to Black: 2021 White Sox Post Mortem
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  3. 83 | The Revolution WILL be Podcasted!
  4. 82 | Cubs Sold Their Soul for a Piece of Shit
  5. 81 | Will We Ever See the REAL White Sox?