The #SFGIants were going to lose Game 5 and the NLDS whether Wilmer Flores swung or not, but it doesn’t make the obvious blown call any easier to stomach  |  #Cubs attempt to fix their most glaring organizational failure with new GM, Carter Hawkins  |  Anti-Hero of the Week presented by Revolution Brewing: Joc Pederson  |  #RedSox fans too loud, obnoxious, and vulgar for FOX postgame show  |  Nightengale’s bad tweet about #WhiteSox and Craig Kimbrel inexplicably gaining traction nationally  |  Ron Darling is an asshole who sounds just like James Woods


88 | Tigers are DOMINATING the Off-Season Major League A*Holes: IN THE HOLE

Crafty Al Avila hasn't wasted any time checking off items on #Tigers to-do list with Eduardo Rodriguez signing  |  Carlos Correa and AJ Hinch had themselves a nice brunch date  |  Rick Hahn is making tough, but correct business decisions for the #WhiteSox  |  #SFGiants need to exploit tremendous financial flexibility  |  Claiming Wade Miley is the kind of smart move Jed Hoyer and the #Cubs should've made last year  |  Not one, not two, but three Bad Tweets from bumbling Bob Nightengale  |  Spooky numerology in Atlanta points to The Hammer's influence from the great beyond  |  ASSTHETICS: Kansas City's "new" uniforms steal the spotlight from Cleveland's botched rebrand launch  |  Revolution Brewing's 'Deep Wood Series' showcases the best of barrel-aged beers
  1. 88 | Tigers are DOMINATING the Off-Season
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