As your inboxes and social media channels are bombarded by glad tidings of corporate bullshit from every Major League ballclub this holiday lockout season, just remember the owners of those money-making behemoths chose to take baseball away from all of us on December 2nd and gravely endanger the future of the game we all love.

Here’s a reposting of our last discussions of how and why the $hit$how To End All $hit$hows went down.


91 | Jon Lester's Championship Legacy Major League A*Holes: IN THE HOLE

The $hit$how To End All  $hit$hows enters its eighth week as the owners' Lockout shows no sign of ending soon  |  Eight potential trade targets to solve the #WhiteSox 2B issue  |  Will Jon Lester go into the Hall of Fame with a #RedSox or #Cubs logo on his plaque?  |  Every writer who voted for David Ortiz but not Barry Bonds earns our Asshole of the Week dishonor
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