We finally and mercifully put a bow on the whole CBA conversation — hopefully forever |  The Legend of Andrew Chafin will continue in the Motor City  |  #Cubs 2016 World Series dream team is officially NOT getting back together  |  Does signing Japanese star Seiya Suzuki mean the North Siders are going for it now?  |  Tom Ricketts infamous “biblical losses” bullshit won’t stop him from buying Chelsea FC  |  Joe Kelly is a perfect fit for the #WhiteSox bullpen and culture while Josh Harrison is just a guy  |  #SFGiants take a major risk signing fragile Carlos Rodon  |  A’s hampster wheel of perpetual mediocrity spins on with Chris Bassitt, Matt Olson, and Matt Chapman trades  |  Fernando Tatis Jr. earns our first Dumbass Injury of the Week award of the season


115 | Off-Season To-Do Lists Major League A*Holes: IN THE HOLE

CairoMania and LaRussaPalooza reached their dramatic conclusions as the #WhiteSox got swept out of the playoff picture over a miserable 6 days  |  Will Jerry Reinsdorf spend whatever it takes to keep his ballclub's championship window propped open?  |  How much blame does Rick Hahn share in the Sox failure?  |  Can # Tigers' new GM Scott Harris talk Miguel Cabrera into retiring and Justin Verlander into returning?  |  Tom Ricketts and the #Cubs are out of excuses not to spend BIG on free agents this offseason  |  #SFGiants need an overhaul, but the timing might be perfect for it  |  Can cynical minds enjoy the historic home run chases of Aaron Judge and Albert Pujols that seem a little too good to be true? WEB: https://majorleagueaholes.com/ SHOP: https://assthetics.store/ REVOLUTION BREWING: https://revbrew.com/
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