PART 1: Yankees manager Aaron Boone’s pathetic decision to intentionally walk Miguel Cabrera on the precipice of 3,000 hits may or may not have been the right move by the book, but it ultimately revealed his cowardice and bit him in the ass immediately  |  Javier Báez earns Dumbass Injury of the Week honors and irks some Tigers fans with his sorrowful tale of his ill-fated relationship with the Cubs severed due to circumstances out of their control  |  Seiya Suzuki is the NL Player of the Week and is on pace to make history  |  We debut our second game show: Cubs Fan or NOT a Cubs Fan?  |  Injuries and questionable managing plague White Sox as slide reaches 4 games  |  Did Dallas Keuchel throw his teammates under the bus after throwing the worst game of his life?

PART 2: Our obsessive Carlos Rodón pitch count watch continues into its third week while the Giants break unwritten rules and make history in unexpected ways  |  Will Oakland A’s attendance eventually reach ZERO?  |  Anit-Hero of the Week: Can the pitch clock save baseball?  |  Joe Maddon reaches peak Joe Maddon with an irrational intentional walk that eventually worked out  |  Hordes of ignorant sports fans parachuted into the Clayton Kershaw perfect game debate to chime in with their uneducated opinions  |  Reds president Phil Castellini is the poster boy for inherited wealth entitlement and our Asshole of the Week