We celebrate our 100th episode with a Cubs/White Sox series presented by Faceless Corporate Entity that started with as little energy as the fat-guy, slo-mo fight in the bleachers and ended as predictably as a Tim Anderson first-pitch swing  |  Witness the dramatic conclusion of Sox Fan or NOT a Sox Fan? as well as Cubs Fan or NOT a Cubs Fan? for now…  |  Despite a solid patchwork rotation and the best bullpen in baseball, the #Tigers abysmal offense continues to crush Detroit’s spirit  |  The Giants dominate the A*Hole standings yet find themselves in 4th place in the real world  |  Fuckin’ A’s vs. Oakland relationship find new levels of toxicity and almost nobody cares  |  Mets 5-man collaborative jam no-hits the Phillies, but should it really be recognized?  | The Ump Show dominates our Shit We Couldn’t Make Up segment  |  Trevor Bauer is probably the most obvious Asshole of the Week we’ve ever had.