Giants Joc Pederson found himself in the center of the BIGGEST story in all of sports involving Oscars-level violence on a baseball field over fantasy football  |  Cubs and White Sox are two mediocre teams facing off during the most mediocre time of year with mediocre results AND a potentially catastrophic injury to Tim Anderson  |  Dylan Cease and Kendall Graveman earned our Asshole of the Week dishonor when they helped cost the Sox a series in Toronto  |  Sox Type Thing: Pete gets put in Twitter time out  |  Jed Hoyer might be terrified of the word “REBUILD” but it’s impossible to describe the Cubs current state without it  |  Have the Tigers FINALLY turned the corner?  |  This Week in Fuckin’ As History  |  Nick Castellanos can’t stop making things awkward for announcers  |  We did the math for our Division Power Rankings  |  ASSTHETICS: Rockies Mountain High Colorado 


116 | José Abreu to the Cubs: Clickbait or Legit? Major League A*Holes: IN THE HOLE

  1. 116 | José Abreu to the Cubs: Clickbait or Legit?
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