The Cubs and star catcher Willson Contreras avoided what could’ve been a very awkward arbitration hearing, but that doesn’t necessarily mean a long-term extension is imminent  |  BREAKING NEWS: Yet it shouldn’t be too surprising Casey Mize needs Tommy John surgery  | Which would Tigers fans settle for if forced to chose between Tarik Skubal or Miguel Cabrera?  |  Joe Maddon‘s legacy isn’t defined by two weeks of a Mickey Mouse organization’s failure  |  ASSTHETICS: Surf’s up and FOUR middle fingers up for the Angels’ new Nike City Connect uniforms  |  MLB needs to take a stand and create a coherent policy to avoid more ‘rainbow washing’ controversy  |  MAIL FRAUD: We stole an intriguing question to  Len Kasper

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116 | José Abreu to the Cubs: Clickbait or Legit? Major League A*Holes: IN THE HOLE

  1. 116 | José Abreu to the Cubs: Clickbait or Legit?
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