The circus that is LaRussaPalooza started the week with not-so-subtle hints that the fanbase wants Tony La Russa fired but ended with a dominant sweep of the Tigers | Lance Lynn gets into it with Joe McEwing while TLR denies everything in typical TLR fashion | The Wrath of Hahn curse lives on as the avalanche of injuries continue to bury Rick Hahn alive | Tweet Bag: If fans actually got their wish, who would they want to replace La Russa? | NBC Sports Chicago censoring the critical inning of the infamous 1-2 Intentional Walk game replay was some Shit We Couldn’t Make Up | Tim Anderson‘s rehab is off to a nice start while Eloy Jiménez is MIA | Maybe Yoan Moncada just needed a little time to settle in?

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15 | José Abreu to the Cubs: Clickbait or Legit? Major League A*Holes: Sox Type Thing

  1. 15 | José Abreu to the Cubs: Clickbait or Legit?
  2. 14 | Six-Game Sweep Sinks Sox
  3. 13 | Sweep or GTFO
  4. 12 | TLR Does His Best to Derail CairoMania
  5. 11 | LaRussaPalooza Dramatic Plot Twist