Riley Greene injects some hope in Tigers Nation and some life into a previously dormant offense  |  Your eyes aren’t deceiving you, the last 162-game stretch has been the WORST in the Cubs’ 152-year history  |  The Chicago Tribune‘s Paul Sullivan is an asshole, but we like it  |  MLB has FINALLY seen the light as the end of streaming blackouts is upon us!  |  Leiseru Rules: Theo Epstein had himself one hell of a Day Off  |  Giants tread water in the toughest division in baseball despite injuries to rivals Mookie Betts and Manny Machado  |  ASSTHETICS: Baseball, beer, BBQ — what else could anyone want from the Brew Crew’s new Nike City Connect uniforms?  |  MAIL FRAUD: Does the utility man deserve a place in the All-Star Game?


111 | Death March to the Deadline Major League A*Holes: IN THE HOLE

  1. 111 | Death March to the Deadline
  2. 110 | Some All-Star Break Bullshit
  3. 109 | Halfway to Hell
  4. 108 | Shocking Split in SF for Tigers and Giants
  5. 107 | This is as Bad as the Cubs Have Ever Been