As we reach the midway mark in the 2022 season, the five teams we cover are a combined 57 games BELOW .500  |  In Tigers news, Miguel Cabrera makes the All-Star team, Javy Baez is being Javy Baez, Riley Greene is off to one hell of a start to his big league career, Chris Ilitch and Al Avila should just stop talking, and Eduardo Rodriguez has ghosted the ball club  |  Carlos Correa sheds new light and sparks some hope he might eventually sign with Detroit or the Cubs  |  If Wrigley Field is an “underwhelming, stock, standard ballpark” then Fenway Park is a total shithole  |  Will the sinking Giants be buyers or sellers at the trade deadline?  |  Fuckin’ A’s may have dodged a bullet with Frankie Montas’ shoulder situation, but four unfortunate fans couldn’t  |  Kyle Schwarber is fulfilling his ‘Babe Fucking Ruth’ destiny in Philadelphia in spite of Chicago  |   MAIL FRAUD: Would you pick 3 teams to win the World Series or take the field?  |  Padres’ LOUD new City Connect uniforms really sting the retinas  |  Sample some tasty new beers and support our friends at Revolution Brewing this weekend during Freedom Fest 2022


118 | WBC Beats Fake Baseball Major League A*Holes: IN THE HOLE

  1. 118 | WBC Beats Fake Baseball
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