Executive Vice President Kenny Williams typically keeps a low profile in recent years, so a motivational speech to his uninspired ballclub turned some heads but he may be living in a van down by the river if things don’t turn around.


15 | José Abreu to the Cubs: Clickbait or Legit? Major League A*Holes: Sox Type Thing

We break down the dramatic and bittersweet conclusion to Tony La Russa's and the #WhiteSox' tumultuous traveling circus we affectionately refer to as LaRussaPalooza  |  Was Bruce Levine simply using the oldest trick in the book for Chicago baseball writers to get some attention from both sides of town, or is there some legitimacy to his report that Sox legend, José Abreu might end up with the #Cubs next season?  |  While our preseason NostraDumbass predictions didn't turn out so well, this unprecedented #MLB #postseason has certainly delivered TWITTER: @SoxTypeThing WEB: https://soxtypething.com/ SHOP: https://assthetics.store/ REVOLUTION BREWING: https://revbrew.com/
  1. 15 | José Abreu to the Cubs: Clickbait or Legit?
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