Much like Rick Hann‘s pre-trade deadline radio silence strategy, Smitty’s selfish and poorly-timed vacation means Sox Type Thing is headed into ‘stealth mode’ for the next couple of weeks  |  Tony La Russa‘s questionable decision-making spawns LaRussaPalooza: The Curious Cast of Lance Lynn  |  The #Guardians continues to battle the #WhiteSox to a stalemate while “Go Tribe” apparently continues to be a thing in Cleveland  |  With the next 19 games vs. opponents adding up to a .411 winning%, consider this season OV-AH if the Sox don’t go AT LEAST 13-6 over this critical span  |  Wrath of Hahn‘s injury curse continues with Luis Robert‘s mysterious symptoms landing him on the IL while the root cause remains fuzzy  |  Minnie Miñoso finally takes his rightful place the National Baseball Hall of Fame… far, far too late  |  Ray Durham traded to Oakland in exchange for some schmoe twenty years ago is just another Day in Sox Misery

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19 | Coming Out of Spring Unscathed with Something to Prove Major League A*Holes: Sox Type Thing

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