It’s been almost a month since our last episode as Smitty selfishly went on vacation, so we have A LOT of ground to cover  |  Trade deadline comes and goes with very little fanfare for Cubs Tigers, and Giants  |  At least Chris Ilitch showed he is paying a bit of attention to his baseball team and finally fired Al Avila even if it was over a month too late  |  What is Jason Heyward‘s legacy after Jed Hoyer releases him with over a year left on his $184M contract?  |  ASSTHETICS: Field of Dreams 2 was the sequel that should’ve never been made  |  Chris Sale‘s bike crash, Rodolfo Castro‘s cell phone, Pete Rose facing accusations of statutory rape in the 1970s, and the plummeting New York #Yankees highlight all sorts of  Shit We Couldn’t Make Up  |  Fernando Tatis Jr. earns our Asshole of the Month dishonor

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126 | Detroit Rocked by Brutal Series of Injuries Major League A*Holes: IN THE HOLE

  1. 126 | Detroit Rocked by Brutal Series of Injuries
  2. 125 | When .500 Feels Like a Major Feat