Just another typical week for the 2022 White Sox splitting two series against two good teams and losing to a shitty one  |  What’s LaRussaPalooza without another indefensible two-strike intentional walk?  |  Noah Weinstein takes Box Seat Manager to a whole new level | Add Yasmani Grandal and Michael Kopech to the long list of those who have felt the Wrath of Hahn  |  Project Birmingham seeks to maximize assets and resources of the Sox’ entire farm system in Double-A  |  Bob Nightengale sheds light on Tony La Russa’s future, but remains in the dark on Elvis Andrus move  |  Parents of the Year let their 11-year old run onto Guaranteed Rate Field delaying game for some ridiculous Shit awe Couldn’t Make Up  |  This Week in Sox Misery: Sox were Jerry Reinsdorf’s second choice in 1980

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28 | Hahn Won't Blow Things Up Until July 4th Major League A*Holes: Sox Type Thing

  1. 28 | Hahn Won't Blow Things Up Until July 4th
  2. 27 | When .500 Feels Like a Major Feat
  3. 26 | Reading Tim's Lips Isn't All That Difficult
  4. 25 | Is Lucas Giolito on the Trading Block?
  5. 24 | EMERGENCY POD: SOX WIN?!?!?!